Renée L. Theuer

                         Photographic Artist

Photo Restoration, Fine Art Printing and Dye Sublimation

 Personalized Gifts on Metal, Glass, Tile, Wood, Slate, Jewelry

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Renée L. Theuer Photographic Artist---

Call 951-529-1449 and please leave a message for me or email me at


Renee L. Theuer Photographic Artist and Photo Restorer

Formerly located in The Riverside Stamp and Coin

Arts Center in the Brockton Arcade. Currently located at 6773 Brockton Avenue, Riverside CA 92506

I specialize in photo restoration, original collages for your wall, your art on canvas, your restored photo as art on canvas.  Prints on metal, tile, etc. through dye sublimation. Personalized gifts and promotional items.  My store is full of things to discover that I have either made or can make for you.  Come see me.

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