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This was one of the harder ones to do...taped together...pieces of people missing and bad fading.  Check out the guys flipping the bird on the bottom right.  I wonder how this one missed inspection.Are those two guys on the bottom right hand side of the picture really doing that?Before and After photo restoration. The picture was actually burned by long time exposure to the sun.  The finished result looked like the day it came from the photographic artist 100 years ago.  Many of these were painted by hand and the color can only be seen using high resolution scanning.  Text Box: Photo Restoration, Creative Collages, Custom Art on Canvas 
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Before picture had black crayon filled in for the hair...yikes
This one was in really poor condition...fortunately, my customer had another picture taken at the same photo shoot (in a suit) so I was able to use the left eye from the other picture for this pose.  I could have just changed the head, but she liked the smile on this picture better.wilsons frame up for all your picture framing needs

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What happened to that baby's arm?  The customer only wanted this restored to just below the fingers...I could not resist doing the whole picture.,,photorestoration4u.comPicture of Renee L. Theuer and two lovely ladies and their llamas that let me take their picture in Peru.  I am holding a downy soft newborn llama.